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 We ,Taizhou gaoxin nonwovens co.,ltd,  established in 1985 year specializing in manufacturing  woven interlining, nonwoven interlining nonwoven fabric, ,Embroidery backing nonwoven,  chef hat, garment, shoes, cap, waterproof compound fabric,  besides,  our nonwoven fabric can be used for industry aoutomotive  internior fabric , water ,oil or air filtration,  etc. 

    As a professional many kinds of technical nonwoven, woven and fusible interlining factory and manafacturer, We are located in jiangsu province near shanghai seaport  which is the biger seaport in China, so that the freight will be very convenient and fluent , also , have some fusing interlining coating machines ! 

   Mainly products shows as following: 

1)Woven interlining serices: plain woven/wrap kint /circular tricot /top fuse. 

2)Nonwoven interlining serices : scatter / paste dot/ double dot. 

3)Non-woven fabric:  theromobond /chemcial bond/spunlace/ needle punch 

4)Garment accessory: such as cutting slip. Weaving webbing. 

5)Embroidery backing:  tearway /cutway/water soluble. 

6)Classification by use:industry aoutomotive internior fabric/water ,oil or air filtration/ activated carbon masks cloth/table cloth/muslin cheese cloth,etc 

      We sincerely invite you to visit our factory and wish our business are going well day day up !!! 

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Taizhou gaoxin nonwovens co.,ltd.

Address: Binjiang park, gaogang district, taizhou city, jiangsu province,china.

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